Drive to the Right, Walk to the Left

1 minute read

I don’t have a strong opinion on having right-hand or left-hand traffic (RHT/LHT) on the roads. Except maybe if the servo is dead I might prefer RHT, because it would be easier for me to make a left turn as I have more leverage with my stronger right hand.

I do have a strong opinion, though, which side pedestrians should stick to when walking. It’s in the title.

It all started from an animated cartoon for children I watched when I was little. I believe it was French, but it was dubbed in Bulgarian. It contained a lesson, similarly to British series “Charley Says”. There was an episode that was addressing the issue of walking along an automotive road without sidewalk. The lesson was that you need to walk facing the traffic, because you can more easily see the approaching nearby cars. It has stuck in my mind till this day.

In my home town there is a long alley that connects the town centre with park Bachinovo, a very nice place to go on a walk during your leisure time. The road is shared between pedestrians an cyclists, in a way that people would walk in the middle and those on wheels will stick to the sides, depending on their direction. However, there is not a law that regulates at which side pedestrian should stick to.

I argue that pedestrians should walk on the leftmost side of their passageway. The reason is simple, you can easily spot an incoming bicycle, even when you have your eyeballs buried in your mobile phone. That’s not the only benefit, but certainly is the most important regarding your safety and health. The bonus is that handshakes are easier for right-handed people or you can even just high five and continue walking.

In most cases with right-hand traffic, when you are walking to the left you would be facing the incoming vehicles, thus you would be safer.